Lending services
Charging and discharging of library materials and collection of overdue fines. Information Service: Assistance with general Inquiries is done at the issue desk.

Reservation/Recall service
Reservation of borrowed library material in done at the issue desk. As soon as the item is returned, the awaiting user is notified. Item required by many users or for short loan borrowing may be recalled and must be returned within the shortest time possible. Materials on recommended reading lists are placed at the request of academic staff in the reserve collection for short loan borrowing.
Inter-library loan
Materials not available in the library can be obtained through an inter-library loan service from other local libraries. Request for this service may be forwarded to the University Librarian. Users who wish to use another library may request for a letter of introduction from the University Librarian.
Current Awareness
Notifications of new information materials in the library is done through displays and social media platform i.e. facebook and emails.
Information Literacy Training
This is where user are trained on how to use, access and use E-resources, Turnitin for anti plagiarism purposes, how to do Referencing and citation.
Reprographic services
Photocopy and printing services are offered at affordable rates. This is done within the permissible copying limits as per Copyright Act.

Library catalogue is a list of books and other reading materials available in a particular library. It discloses to the reader the contents of a library collection. Library catalogue is an essential and important tool for any library. This tool has been developed to facilitate the use of reading materials in a library. It is useful to both, the readers using the library and the library staff members who help the readers to use the library.
PUEA use Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is an online bibliography of a library collection that is available to the public. It allows users to search books on parameters such as title, author’s name, volume, and keywords with mere clicks.

The library has subscribed to e-books and e-journals which can be accessed within the Institution and off campus using RemoteX Software, these can also be accessed from the library if a user has a laptop through wireless connectivity. The institution has subscribed various databases through Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium (KLISC). These are;

  1. Wiley Online-
  3. Hinari-
  4. Cambridge University Press-
  5. Ediburgh University Press-
  6. Emerald Group Publishing
  7. Taylor &
  8. Project MUSE-
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