Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their solutions

The catalog is the starting point of any search, showing all the items in the library collection. PUEA  Library uses Online Public Access Catalog(OPAC)  to retrieve available information materials in the library.  

To access Wi-Fi within the library one has to log in using  the credentials available at the circulation desk  

For a first time user, the laptop has to be configured by the library or ICT staff.

These can be accessed on the Internet via our library website page, or access remotely through Remotex. Alternatively one can also visit the circulation desk in person and the staff will be more than willing to assist.

Yes. Go to puea website www.puea.ac.ke – elibrary-or enter URL https://elibrarypuea.remotexs.co/user/login log in using  the credentials provided on creation of your account by the library staff. For new users request the library staff at the circulation desk for assistance.

What’s the process & requirement for registering with the library in order to start using the library services?

The new students are registered into the Library Information system during admission/registration day and therefore for a student to access the library, he/she needs to come with their student ID. In a case where you don’t have one you can come with your national ID or a note from admissions office, until the student ID is provided.

Yes, for ODL students only just write an email to librarian@puea.ac.ke and request for the book(s) to be renewed. In your email indicate your name and admission number. Once the book has been renewed, you will be notified together with the due date through email.

A book in the library may be missing for various reasons. It might be borrowed by a patron, might be currently used at the reading desks, or could be mis-shelved. The library staff are able to assist in finding materials during library hours.