About Us

The Presbyterian University of East Africa Library

Welcome to The Presbyterian University of East Africa Library. The Library is a collection of information resources in print and other forms that are organized and made accessible for reading or study.

The Library supports, complements, and supplements the teaching, learning, and research works in the University, the church, and the community. The Library staff are dedicated to support your learning and research needs. Kindly reach us on library@puea.ac.ke 


To professionally acquire, preserve, and avail information and knowledge in support of the learning, teaching, and research functions of the University.


“A library responsive to the dynamic information needs of the academic community and public”

To support teaching, learning, and research functions of PUEA through the acquisition of up-to-date information materials, organization, and dissemination of information resources.
To provide a wide range of library and information services through teaching, reference, and research assistance.
Provide and use modern ICT, including the Internet and Library Management System, in the acquisition, dissemination, and Organization of information by cataloging, classifying, and indexing these materials to ensure ease of retrieval for the users.
Establish information dissemination services to ensure the full utilization of the information resources by the library users.
To provide adequate and safety of library materials and equipment for use by the clientele.
Provide modern equipment and information infrastructure needed for the facilitation, provision, and use of information.
To provide information literacy skills to the clientele to enhance the use of the available resources.
To recruit, develop and retain well-qualified staff and experienced to offer high-quality services to the users.
Lending ServicesCharging and discharging of library materials and collection of overdue fines. Information Service: Assistance with general Inquiries is done at the issue desk
Reservation/Recall serviceReservation of borrowed library material is done at the issue desk. As soon as the item is returned, the awaiting user is notified. Item required by many users or for short loan borrowing may be recalled and must be returned within the shortest time possible
Course ReservationMaterials on recommended reading lists are placed at the request of academic staff in the reserve collection for short loan borrowing.
Inter-library loanMaterials not available in the library can be obtained through an inter-library loan service from other local libraries. Request for this service may be forwarded to the University Librarian. Users who wish to use another library may request a letter of introduction from the University Librarian.
Current AwarenessNotifications of new information materials in the library is done through displays and social media platform i.e. Facebook and emails.
Circulation Responsible for charging and discharging the library materials, and ensuring the library collection is well organized for easy retrieval of materials
AcquisitionResponsible for providing acquisitions for all library materials to support the academic programmes
ProcessingSupports the technical processing of information materials for quick retrieval, access, and orderly arrangement of information materials on the shelves as well as providing descriptive bibliographic data record for all information materials available in the library. 
Information LiteracyEnsures training of students and staff on the use and access of online ejournals and ebooks, referencing, and citation. Also facilitates advanced research, independent search, and retrieval skills.
ICTOffers support for computer hardware and software for library personnel, public access, and training areas. The department is also responsible for the management of the library systems and servers.
Special CollectionsSpecial collections are mainly made up of Africana books, theses, and dissertations

The Library operates within the following hours:

Weekdays: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Saturdays9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Public HolidaysClosed
  • Library materials are only issued to persons using their own student identification cards.
  • The user in whose name a library material is issued is solely responsible for returning the item. You should not use another person’s ID to borrow books.
  • Use bookmarks instead of folding book pages to mark coverage. Do not force a book to open fully as this breaks the spine.
  • The loan period for undergraduates is 14 days. ODeL students and non-academic staff may borrow items for four weeks while academic staff may be loaned materials for three months.
  • Renewals are not permitted if there is a reserve on the material.
  • Short-loan materials may be checked out at the closing time for overnight use. They must be returned before 8 am the following morning (assuming the library is operating).

Library Conduct
  • Silence should be strictly observed as a courtesy to other library users.
  • Food, drinks, wet umbrellas, and any other materials that might damage library materials or property should not be brought to the library.
  • Stealing and attempting to steal library property is an offense. The offenders, if caught, will pay three times the cost of the material.
  • The University Librarian will suspend any user whose conduct in the library is rude or disorderly.
Fines and Damage to Library Materials or Property
  • Any borrower who fails to return or renew a long-loan material is charged a fine of 10 shillings per material per day.
  • Any borrower who fails to return a book on Reserve/ Short-loan collection or Africana at a stated time shall be charged a fine of Kshs 10 per material per hour.
  • Any user with overdue materials will not be allowed to borrow any additional materials until materials are returned and all fines are paid.
  • Users who lose or damage library materials will be required to pay the current price for the book and 15% administrative charges.